Saturday, June 10, 2006


The Swedish Sloyd knives I got for Christmas...

-at first looked monstrous and deadly, but unsheathe them...

-and you see they're not as mean as they look. If you measure the blade...

-the longest one is only about four inches. Below, you'll see what I have done with them.

I carved a butter-knife. In this picture, you can see the butter-knife toward the top (blade downward). Below it is the other half of the wood it was carved from. I carved the butter-knife from a mulberry branch trimmed from its tree about a week ago, so the wood was still soft and easy to carve. I need to wait for it to dry before I put the finishing touches on it, but its basic shape should remain the same.

Why a butter-knife? It was the only thing I could think to carve from so small a branch of wood. I like carving green wood, but I don't have access to large pieces right now. Also, this butter-knife was a project that only took me, a beginner, less than two hours.

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