Thursday, October 09, 2008

Eight of Rings

This is an entry for the Seventh Sanctum Tarot Contest. My prompt was "Eight of Rings"

Eight of Rings

Being an even numbered card, the Eight of Rings is grounded in reality. Eight implies both the balance of two and cooperation of four. As the third power of two, eight is influenced by three's ingenuity. Eight is associated with construction, solid foundations, tall buildings and all things architectural.

Cards in the Ring suit carry with them connotations of eternity, perfection, inclusion and exclusion.

Physically, the Eight of Rings is associated with tombs, monuments, prisons, castles and city walls.

Emotionally, the Eight of Rings suggests an appearance of emotional stability. This may be a facade hiding bottled-up feelings.

Metaphysically, the Eight of Rings represents safety, imprisonment, a clarity of purpose or a lack of choice.

When reversed, the Eight of Rings pulls down these walls.

Physical associations become ruins, breeched walls, infirmity and condemned buildings.

The emotional reversal represents not only emotional openness and open-mindedness, but also emotional instability and problems with personal boundaries.

Metaphysically, it turns into exposure, freedom and chaos.