Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Flower Photo Obsession

Lots of trees, bushes and wildflowers start blooming this time of year and when I see those blossoms, I get this tremendous urge to photograph them.
Purple Wildflowers
These are some of the first wildflowers of spring.
They are related to mint, but I don't remember what they're called.
Lots of violets under the apple tree
The violets are coming up in wonderfully dense patches under the apple tree!
I've tried reminding myself that I already have 2 or 3 years worth of apple blossom photos; I still feel that this cluster of flowers just has to be captured in a photo, too.
a tremendous amount of blossoms
Apple blossoms
such pretty clusters
Not only do I want to photograph all of the flowers, I also have lots of ideas for how to crop the photos.
Apple blossoms
I could crop it close-up to show emphasize
the green leaves, white flowers and pink blossoms
Apple blossoms
...or I could crop it further out to show
the overall arrangement of the buds and flowers

Apple blossoms

Apple blossoms

Apple blossoms
Look at this lovely zig-zag of blooms!
I love the dogwoods this year. They are young volunteers and their blooms were rather sparse last year. This year, they have lots of big flowers.

I took a few photos of the clusters of flowers.


I like the overall look of the trees, but I haven't learned to take pictures that really capture that look the same way my eyes see them. I can photograph the individual flowers and the view from below the canopy, but not the whole tree.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

One of the Happiest Sorts of Emails

One of the happiest sorts of emails I get is one from The Mortician of the New Exquisite Corpse website telling me I have a new message. I had one of those emails last week because I had been selected to complete the final section of corpse #0069. I very much enjoy working on exquisite corpses! After I submitted my completed section, I was overjoyed to see the completed corpse posted later that day. You can check it out at here. It is called "Feed Interrupted - Theodicy by Choice - Or Fear Life - Burn In Hell"

I think the visual cohesion is only just so-so, but the text is eerily sensical. "Theodicy by choice or fear you will burn in hell, they say, you will burn."

My section includes parts of several paintings and sculptures: Luca Signorelli's fresco, The Damned, Dirk Bouts' painting, The Fall of the Damned and John Martin's Fallen angels in HellI got those images from Wikimedia Commons, where I also found photos of the angel statues: Angel of death on the roof of the mausoleum of the Donnersmarck family in Świerklaniec and A statue of an angel at a cemetery in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana. I based my fire on the photo Torch's flame (Cairns, Australia)

fiery hell scene with the text "you will burn in hell, they say, you will burn"
My section of corpse #0069
Corpses are still progressing slowly, but it's great to see that activity on the website has picked up recently. I think there are even a couple of new members.

The corpse I started last year took about 9 months to be completed (see it here) and from what I see on the Stats page, it looks like #0066, might be completed in under a year, but just barely! Oh, well...even if they come together slowly, they are still progressing.

Thanks for reading! Bye!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Corpsers, Come Home!

Corpsers, we miss you. Several of us at New Exquisite Corpse are trying to corpse again, but it's hard with so few players. Mudhooks is managing the slice distribution, I sent in the starter slice, Stine took slice number 2 and obiggie has volunteered for the third slice, but as it stands now, we don't even have enough active forum-goers to complete a four-slice corpse.

If you are a corpser, look beyond the front page. We are still there, on the forums. Come back to us. Come home.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please read this before you report me to the authorities.

Friday, May 01, 2009

My New Style of Illustration

I've started printing some favorite, old, public domain stories and poems as miniature books. I'm trying to illustrate these books and have been experimenting. My miniature book of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe had stock photo illustrations, manipulated to various degrees using the GIMP. My latest experiment, which is still in the design phase, is Poe's short story, The Masque of the Red Death. Below is an example of the illustrations I made for it.

These, like all of my most successful pieces, started out as actual bits of paper. I cut up a piece of orange construction paper and used the irregular shreds to kinda draw on a large sheet (about 22 by 36 inches) of white construction paper. I photographed the results and, in GIMP, used the Select by Color Tool set to Saturation to select the orange paper from the white background. I was then able to fill the selection with whatever color I wanted - in this case, black. Since I never had to glue them down, I was able to use the same shreds to make all the illustrations (I may have to cut up another piece of paper for more illustrations - though I saved them, the local humidity is curling the bits of orange paper).

So, anyway, there it is. It feels distinctly different from most of my work and somehow, it just feels right. I've never been any good at drawing with anything but charcoal. I've had a little luck with digital illustrations, but only a little and both graphite and ink defeat me. The ink thing especially frustrates me, but I just don't get the thrill of success and don't spend the time on it I need to spend to familiarize myself with the medium.

Monday, December 08, 2008