Sunday, April 20, 2014

One of the Happiest Sorts of Emails

One of the happiest sorts of emails I get is one from The Mortician of the New Exquisite Corpse website telling me I have a new message. I had one of those emails last week because I had been selected to complete the final section of corpse #0069. I very much enjoy working on exquisite corpses! After I submitted my completed section, I was overjoyed to see the completed corpse posted later that day. You can check it out at here. It is called "Feed Interrupted - Theodicy by Choice - Or Fear Life - Burn In Hell"

I think the visual cohesion is only just so-so, but the text is eerily sensical. "Theodicy by choice or fear you will burn in hell, they say, you will burn."

My section includes parts of several paintings and sculptures: Luca Signorelli's fresco, The Damned, Dirk Bouts' painting, The Fall of the Damned and John Martin's Fallen angels in HellI got those images from Wikimedia Commons, where I also found photos of the angel statues: Angel of death on the roof of the mausoleum of the Donnersmarck family in Świerklaniec and A statue of an angel at a cemetery in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana. I based my fire on the photo Torch's flame (Cairns, Australia)

fiery hell scene with the text "you will burn in hell, they say, you will burn"
My section of corpse #0069
Corpses are still progressing slowly, but it's great to see that activity on the website has picked up recently. I think there are even a couple of new members.

The corpse I started last year took about 9 months to be completed (see it here) and from what I see on the Stats page, it looks like #0066, might be completed in under a year, but just barely! Oh, well...even if they come together slowly, they are still progressing.

Thanks for reading! Bye!

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